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Keri is the author of Dead Letter Day, which won the runner-up prize in the first Rethink Press New Novels Award, 2012, and its sequel, Dead Write. Her new novel, The Darkness Beneath is out now.




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CathyP Keri Beevis at her best

“I was unsure about this novel when I downloaded it as it was not following the pattern of this Authors usual writing but I should not have been concerned, without doubt this is by far the best novel I have read this year. I won’t spoil any of the story line but suffice to say it kept me gripped from line one right up to the final line of the last page. As I got towards the end I was concerned that as it had been such a good read it would do as so many novels tend to and the end would be a rushed disappointing conclusion. However, it was gripping to the end and I could not fault it at all. If there was a 5 star plus it would go to this novel, hopefully it will hit the top of the lists and spur Miss Beevis on to write many more.”

mferguson350 Must have and read, can’t wait for the next one to come out!

“It starts with a murder….and the suspense builds slowly as the intensity ratchets up, you wonder who’s guilty, who’s involved with what and how, what are they hiding, teasers here and there make you keep turning the pages to find out these answers. She did a great job of drawing you in and hooking you into the story, can’t put the book the down until the last page. If you like a good mystery with suspense, then this is a must read. It will make a great addition to anyone’s library. Ms. Beevis will soon be joining the ranks of the must have and must read authors with everyone, she’s definitely on my must have list.”

Mr. G. Pearson Suspense at its best!

“Having read many suspense thrillers by well know authors over the years I decided to read this book by Keri Beevis, not quite knowing what to expect or if I would be disappointed, primarily because I knew I would be comparing it to some of the top selling suspense books that are out there. I need not have worried, the story and plot are as engrossing, if not more so, lots of twists, turns and suspense that has you having to remind yourself to breathe at times, and just the right amount of clues to keep you guessing, doubt yourself, guess again, and so on. Make sure you have plenty of spare time on your hands when you pick up this book though, as you definitely won’t want to put it down again!”

Kelly Rought Amazing read

“An amazing read that grips at every turn. Thoroughly recommend to anyone that reads thrillers but is bored of weak plots and predictable outcomes, the author makes writing an art form. The deviation from the Dead Letter duo was well worth the gamble, I eagerly anticipate her next book.”

Devil angel Gripping and great twist

“Thoroughly enjoyable read. Its been a while since a book caught my attention enough to keep me reading into the night. This one did, with its twists and turns and engaging characters. Excellent read, thank you and when’s the next one due!”

Mr B Spottiswoode Outstanding

“I read lots of Thriller books written by most of the top authors. I saw this book was on the market on a social media site and thought I would check it out and compare it to the likes of Peter James/Lee Childs etc. I am so glad I did, this book is gripping. It wraps you up in the story from the start and has so many twists it keeps you guessing who the real villain is right to the end. So who is this Keri Beevis? This is her third book and its so good I have bought the first two straight away. If you are into the ‘Thriller’ type of books don’t miss out on this one. I understand she is working on her fourth book at this moment and I hope its available this year (2018). Its not often that one finds a little known author who produces such a good read, I can only add I hope she keeps producing them and gets the reward she deserves.”

Dawn Skipp Another spellbinding novel from this very talented author

“I loved Keri Beevis’s third novel, The Darkness Beneath. It grips you with the first paragraph. Ms. Beevis is a deft storyteller. She seizes you from the beginning, inviting you to discover her characters, reeling you in with their stories and their settings, and surprising you with unexpected plot twists. With every turn of the page, Ms. Beevis’s mesmerizing writing style beckons the reader to continue. Teasing, tempting, and ensnaring the reader with her words so that you cannot put the book down – you HAVE to know what comes next. She hooks you again and again with every unanswered question and unexpected development. Keri Beevis is an author to watch. She will become one of the all-time greats. I loved her first two novels, and now this one makes it three. I am a big fan who now NEEDS another book.”