Who else has this rather strange condition?

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Okay, this is going to be a fun one, and probably most of you who read this are going to think, ‘yup, Beev really is ready for the nuthouse’, but I find it fascinating, so here goes.

I have a condition.

No, it’s not alcoholism (honest) and I don’t suffer from anything like tourettes or scurvy.

I have the most useless, completely utterly pointless condition in the history of the world, ever. I have synesthesia.

Now at this point you may want to Google the word, because most people assume I am making it up. In fact, I will save you the trouble http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia

Now synesthesia comes in many shapes and forms, but essentially all sufferers (and I use the word sufferer mildly, because I think it’s kind of fun) have a merging of the senses. So for example, some people taste words, others see sounds. There was a programme on TV about this and one poor chap was dating a girl called Barbara and had to dump her because every time he said her name he tasted elastic bands, which amused me greatly.

My type of synesthesia – the most common – is grapheme synesthesia, which is word/letter colour association. Every word and every letter of the alphabet is a specific colour to me. For example, Keri is red and Beev is brown, cat is green and Friday is orange.

Sounds very odd, eh? But interestingly it’s all connected with creativity and there are many artists who suffer from a form of it, including David Hockney, Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, Stevie Wonder and my favourite singer songwriter, John Mayer.

Does this mean Beev is destined for greater things?

Research has actually shown that as many as 1 in 200 people have some form of synesthesia and I would love to know if anyone following my page does.

Take a look at this word.


Is it blue, red, yellow, pink, or maybe another colour?



5 thoughts on “Who else has this rather strange condition?

  1. Thanks for sharing, Courtney. I didn’t even realise synesthesia was a recognised condition until I was probably in my mid-twenties. Until that point I assumed everyone saw words and letters in colour. I find the different types very fascinating and I think it’s great that you’re explaining it to people through fiction.

  2. Trying to decide if I have theuditiry tactile kind. Sometimes, my back can hear sounds…it gets tingly, like the strongrst shiver ever, to sound. If someone or something makes sound behind my back, I occasionally get this strong feeling tat subsides the second the sound goes away. Lower pitched voices, heavy machinery, objects smacking the ground from falling are the most felt.

  3. When I am listening to someone or something I can see the words they are saying. It is like I am reading a book. It is the same with music. I can also picture it. I just always see the words in my mind. Even when I am speaking.

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