What ya talking about, Willis?


Words are great, aren’t they?

Well they are so long as you’re not misusing or mispronouncing them. We’ve all had that awkward moment where we’ve used a word in the wrong context, then hoped like hell no one has noticed. Fortunately for me I talk so much, people tend to tune out and miss my mistakes. My sister wasn’t so lucky.

One day, while doing some DIY, she asked “Keri, can you come hold the ladder? I’m feeling rather promiscuous up here.”

Then there is the dear friend of mine – who shall remain anonymous – who is the queen of mispronounced words, trying to get a tan in an asylum, talking about those poor sesame twins who are joined together and even getting her movie titles muddled up to spectacular effect. “Hey, Keri. Did you see that film on TV last night called A Day To Die?” After much confusion we established she had actually watched ‘A Time To Kill’.

We won’t even mention the time her husband convinced her that her favourite actor, Sean Bean, pronounced his name ‘Seen Bean’.

Ever hear of that place in Wales, Betws-y-Coed? My work colleague clearly hadn’t as he kept referring to it as Betty’s Coyote.

And finally we have my poor mother, who in true Norfolk style gets her O’s in a muddle. She’s been known to have soap for lunch, scrub herself down with soup in the shower, put on her boats to take the dog for a walk and have a day trip out on a boot.


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