For Book Groups

OregonHere are some questions book clubs might like to discuss after reading Dead Letter Day.

  1. How did the story rate with other serial killer thrillers you have read?
  2. Did Rodney Boone make for a memorable killer and did you believe in his motives?
  3. Did you find Rebecca a likeable protagonist? And how did you find her relationships with Boaz and Hickok? Were these too predictable or did they add to the story?
  4. How about the secondary characters – Kylan, Lawrie, Max and Justine? Did you like or dislike them and did you believe in their stories?
  5. The book jumps between the 90s, the 80s and the 60s. Did you find this confusing at all? And how did you feel about it not being set in the present day?
  6. The killer dumps victims in the sewer. Did you find this realistic?
  7. Did you enjoy reading the chapters about Rodney and Jennifer or would you have preferred their past stories to be revealed in snippets during the present police investigation?
  8. Did you find the book to be a page turner and, if so, how quickly were you gripped?
  9. Was the revelation of the killer a satisfying conclusion or were you disappointed?
  10. How would you sum up Dead Letter Day for other readers? Would you recommend it, and if so why?

If you would like Keri Beevis to visit your book group (in person if geographically possible, by phone or skype) when you discuss Dead Letter Day, please contact her through the Contact page.