Dead Letter Day

Juniper CollegeJuniper College has a grisly history. In 1989, Professor Rodney Boone murdered eight of his students. The victims, A to H, were selected by surname and the serial killer’s signature was to leave the initial carved into the back of their neck.

The spree ended with Victim I, who managed to fight back, stabbing Boone and leaving him to burn in his house of death.

Fast forward eight years and rookie police officer, Rebecca Angell, is thrown headlong into assisting a Federal investigation after she finds a body floating in the sewer marked with the initial J. New to town, and already dealing with a sexist and lazy partner, Angell is in over her head, but feels she has a lot to prove.

The Feds are convinced they are dealing with a copycat, but reading the files on the original murders, Angell isn’t so sure. Boone’s body was never recovered from the fire. Is it possible that he has returned?

As the body count rises and they scramble to uncover the truth, a killer is on a mission to complete the rest of the alphabet…

Dead Letter Day

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