How do you pay the bills?

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When writing is in your blood, telling stories is the only thing you want to do. It’s a tough career to crack though and we still have to pay the bills while struggling to realize our dreams.

Over the years I have tried many things to earn some pennies, from being the world’s worst hairdresser, working in a video rental store a la Quentin Tarantino style, renting out inflatables and simulators (that is not as dirty as I am making it sound – I was an entertainment agent hiring out bands, DJs, bouncy castles and arcade games for parties), serving coffee to, well, actually – most spilling coffee over customers in a café to my present occupation, working for a travel firm.

I am sure all writers will relate to this, soullessly struggling away in a job you don’t enjoy, while daydreaming up plots, characters and dialogue that you can’t wait to get home to write about. It is all you want to do and no other career will ever give the same satisfaction.

One rather unusual job on my CV is “caricaturist”. I did a few gigs around the country when I was in my early twenties. The work was mostly at military balls, drawing the guests, and it was always a nice evening, as I got to glam up and then stay for drinks with them afterwards. And we all know Beev loves a good drink.

Recognize any of the faces above?