Am I the only writer who does this?


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1/ Uses every excuse going not to sit down and write, from cat cuddles to Googling to ‘I’ll just make another cup of coffee first’, but then when I do start writing, sometimes get so caught up I forget to stop for dinner.

2/ Has characters living and breathing in my head before I can commit them to paper. Sometimes I will hang out with these people for months beforehand. Their name has to be right, I have to be familiar with their look and mannerisms, know their history and what makes them tick.

3/ Likes to people watch.

4/ Gets irrationally mad if someone disturbs me when I’m in the zone.

‘Do you want a cup of tea, Keri?’

‘Fuck off!’

5/ Has such an overactive imagination I suspect everyone of everything. My neighbours are doing a bit of DIY: Well actually they might be having a fight with a chainsaw. The guy in the white van: He’s a serial killer on the lookout for a new victim. The posh guy at work: He keeps his mother’s corpse in the attic and has a fridge full of eyeballs and brains. Seriously, when my cat went missing, I managed to convince myself that a giant eagle had swooped down out of the sky and grabbed her from the garden.

6/ Obsessively watches my Amazon rankings. When they are good, so is my mood. When they slip, I get a full on black cloud over my head.

7/ Sometimes writes drunk.

8/ Test reads bits of the book to my pets.

9/ Lies in bed at night having whole conversations between my characters in my head, which I then have to try and commit to memory or get up and write down.

10/ Gets over excited every time someone says something nice about my book.



2 thoughts on “Am I the only writer who does this?

  1. Wow! All of the above! The overactive imagination has plagued me since I was a young child – thought I had OCD and probably do! But I think it is our obsessions that contribute to our writing abilities. The irrational anger rang true with me as well. Why is it when you are sitting at your computer typing madly that people think this is the perfect time to pull up a chair and chat? Someone is going to get hurt. And drinking while you write? Oh that reminds me, forgot to add Baileys to my coffee :D Great post as usual, Keri. One to share with fellow writers!

    • Thanks, Megan, and we’d better not forget the people who interrupt when we’re trying to read as well. Picture the scene: You’re totally into the book you’re reading, pace is picking up and you can’t wait to read the next line. Some muppet comes along.

      Muppet: Hey, what are reading?

      You: A book.

      Muppet: So what’s it about then?

      You: This.

      (Repeatedly smack muppet over head with book).

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